“Beat My Heart”

A black bird flies in grey
skies streaked by blue
above an English garden
where an old lady
and her daughter stroll
as a train passes to
the metallic music
of railway lines.

Beat my heart!
Pulse with the passing
life of strangers and
other shapes in a
world we cannot know.
Beat for the moment,
beat for time lost,
memories gained
in other lands
far from home.

Fly with the birds
through quiet skies,
float with the clouds
in a great cycle of
wet colour and life.
Flow with the stream,
always moving,
ever the same.

Beat my heart!
Pump life through me
to the melodies
of moving moments,
passing people,
pulsing trains,
flowing streams
and floating birds.

Beat my heart!
Beat and beat again
so that I may know
the bird in me,
see my face in
the moving waters
and feel my life
in passing things.

Beat until I remember
how to fly and the
beauty of flowing life.
Beat until I am ready
to join the stream again,
flow into blinding sunsets
breaking through clouds
in quiet places where
time no longer passes.