Swarm.fund: A Quick Guide for Close Friends

1) Harness the power of collective intelligence

Go to the swarm.fund site and apply to join. This may take a few days or weeks depending on where you are and what the team is busy with at that particular moment.

2) Get slack, mate!

Meanwhile, if you are interested, email me at tuddy0525@gmail.com and I will add you to one of the slack platforms I have set up for the various DCO’s I’ve created myself. Slack is simply a social platform which makes it easy to organise teams and work effectively while still socialising. Each DCO, or each individual, within swarm can create their own slack platform, so feel free to use it for other stuff too.

3) Time to graduate from counterstrike to counterwallet

Go to counterwallet.io and set up your own wallet. It is VERY, VERY important that you write down the 12 word passphrase as you will NEVER get it from anyone, ever again. So take it down in quadruplicate and put them places you know you won’t forget but that are safe. Store it offline on a USB or hard drive. Be safe and treat it like you would your ordinary wallet that you carry around with you from day to day.

4) Take it easy though…

Start to acquaint yourself with Slack. You can set up a profile and talk to slackbot. I have already posted some initial research and links in the chat channels for the intrepid to go through, add to, adapt, steal, and make into their own. That’s really the whole point here: you don’t have to devote your life to this or anything, just think about what you could do if you spent the 6-7 hours a week we do on sites like facebook actually generating value with like-minded people. And value which can actually translate into the ability to improve actively the communities we happen to be a part of in ‘reality’. There are some very dodgy if’s at work here, but isn’t the dream worth the risk of those two pesky letters?

5) Set up on swarm.fund

Once you have been welcomed into the swarm, set up your profile. Copy-paste your wallet address into the slide-in tab and go and take a look at the Distributed Collaborative Organisations we have going already.

6) Join a DCO

You can join whichever project(s) excite you and you will receive an email with a link to confirm. Once you have followed the steps, you should be able to see who else is involved in that particular project and start trying to figure out how you can add value.

7) Create

You can also have a go at creating your own DCO. It’s super-easy and you need have no coding knowledge. It’s all about selling the dream.

8) Buy

You can buy swarmcoin with BTC, XCP, USD, GBP, EUR and some others, so I suggest you do the smart thing and invest. Look for our COO, Andrew Cook, in the chatrooms. Owning some swarmcoin will also give you some voting rights within the swarmDCO.

9) Love and share in the virtual abundance

When swarm launches on the new platform, each DCO will be allocated some of its own coin, so if you manage to get in soon and get accepted, you might just be able to create your own company and get some seed money from some of the most innovative and equitable people out there.

10) Play!

Have fun. Delight yourself. Delight others. Share joy. Share burdens. Share dreams. This is about all that and so much more. It’s about governance, it’s about finance, it’s about a universal basic income, it’s about community, it’s about emergence and feedback loops and chaord. It’s not about utopia, but it is about a better future.

Put a different way, it’s about having a future at all.

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