“The Ballad of Strange Lovers”

A voice speaks
from silences beyond,
clear unconscious,
clarity of dreams,
fully-formed it sings
from the void beneath
it rings.

The ballad of strange lovers
who left their home
for feeling
in a European night,
with lyrics by a band,
a beat and
a motley crew of fans.

The clamour of life
so great and various
it drowns out sound,
luxury of silence,
yet it peels
from mouths of babes
on dusty fields.

I know it well,
make it myself
in triumphant moments,
surrendered joys,
and I hear it now
great peeling bell!
instrument of awe!

I see before me
people I have known,
pushed by memory to
a place beyond,
yet alive right now,
their voices mixed to
form my muse’s howl:

We are one!
It is done!
All that is left is to
love it…

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