“Oxford Town”

Silent sandstone turrets light up,
sunset’s redemption of dull days
and my flagging spirit lifts,
blown by a gentle breeze
into the quickly-gathered night
for another conversation
on life and love and choice
amidst the privileged few
who call these castles home.

I know it’s not just merit
that has landed me in a
place of powerful knowledge
and I feel the guilt of having,
like a block of ancient stone
casting its grim shadow across
nine hundred years of history
and all the untold stories which
gather in the fading light.

They are not my stories to tell,
though they must still find a place
so I step slightly to the left,
merge my shadow with the tower’s
sunlit silhouette and strange!
the two seem joined to one
beneath the fast-setting sun
and the many-coloured light
dances playfully into night.

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