“Modern Myths”

studying dwarf galaxies

We are as gods already,

with exponential technologies,

indistinguishable from magic,

that transcend time and distance,

sending thought at lightspeed,

technologically-mediated telepathy,

so that those we love remain

readily reachable in a world wide web

which extends our minds to the

now-unbounded truths of our time.


It’s more than technology though,

for we’ve derived the make-up of the

stars soaring through our nights.

We know the gods of old myth

and the forces that govern them.

So it is, as it has always been,

that we turn inward and find

empty space and points of light,

mimicking exactly the spacetime

we now manipulate with mind.


For what does science, only a term

for progressive collection of knowledge,

prove if not that man is nothing

other than the universe

becoming conscious of itself?

That we are made of stars,

as our gods of old were,

therefore are ourselves gods?

We are one within the universe,

the universe one within us.


This is the psychology of starlight,

the mythology of atoms and galaxies.



*Think about what the men who wrote any of the holy texts many still follow literally today, would have thought of something like this!

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