“A boy”



A boy asked me, “Why gravity?”

And I felt like Walt Whitman when

a child asked him about the grass.

For what could I say, that gravity is

a machination of Newton’s mind made

manifest in our experience of ‘reality’?


That it implies its own answer;

for without gravity the question

could never have existed and

the paradox answers itself?

Life comes before meaning,

as a flower before beauty.


For a flower does not mean,

Ask Jorge Borges – it just is.

Before and beyond meaning,

common experience of beauty

creating and created of truth,

is meaning enough for all existence.


In this dear life sorrowful death

sorrowful life dear death

there is only one choice:

love or fear – the rest is

blissful ignorance or

terrible appreciation.


How to explain this to a child?


Just so.


He sees himself in the grass,

senses gravity moving both

him and heavenly spheres

and so he asks, not having

fully forgotten that he

is one in the universe,

the universe, one in him.

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