“Simply Said”

This is not a poem about

big ideas and grand discoveries

using fancy words juxtaposed

with inciteful images that will

make you think I’m clever.

This is a poem about lunch

and climbing the stairs

and catching your bus

(which is late again!)

and cigarette breaks

and going to the bathroom.

This is a poem about

trying to fit a cup of tea in

between the little things

we fill our lives with

like tidying your room

and making the bed

and family dinners

spent complaining about

the neighbour’s noisy dog

which simply won’t shut up.

This is just a simple poem,

without rhyme and rhythm

or stanzas and form.

It is just a simple poem

about ordinary things,

for if truth is beauty

then simplicity is elegance

and, as that simple

American so profoundly said,

‘that is all I have to say about that.’

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