“Dystopian Utopia”

The trees stand out on the ridge

like nature’s smokestacks,

bark-covered chimneys belching

out the dark clouds in columns

streaming over the mountain,

catching the sunshine strangely

between gathered drops of rain

harvested from the Earth.


Forest factories producing pollution

that we, unnatural beings, breathe

caught between technology and nature

(as if the two were separate!)

We are evolution’s own evolvability

smack bang on a course between

born and made; our own saviours

and lab-induced Frankensteins.


We can disregard our messiahs,

turn away from the monsters

of our ambitious creation,

or we can recognise we are

an inextricable part of nature,

not needing to ‘go back’,

but rather extend our minds

with collective connection.


“Man is not an end, but a bridge”

said Nietzsche, for

“We are the universe becoming

conscious of itself”.

Which is quite a grand thought,

I think, as the rain comes

marching through the trees

and a rainbow slowly forms.

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