“One Night in Buccaneers”

There was a beautiful girl

in a bar called Buccaneers

who talked a bit too much

about life and energy and

manifestations of consciousness.

Still, though, she was

really really beautiful,

so I stuck around and

made sympathetic noises

everytime she said something

especially deep and meaningful.


I paid particular attention to

a comment about my glass

just being a slower-moving

manifestation of the energy

of life which is all around us

in the hope that said energy

would instead manifest itself

in the form a free drink,

but it seems this cosmic force is

as uninterested in our wishes

as most modern-day gods.


Still, something she said

stuck with me despite the

manifold drinks that did find

their devious way into my glass

as the evening progressed

(life-energy notwithstanding).

She told me that she would

never stop being idealistic

because it is not realists

who change the world.


‘How naive’ I thought snidely,

nevertheless lifting my drink

to acknowledge her smile.

Imagine my surprise when

the glass twisted in my hand,

winked at me and waited

for the jukebox to stop,

then, in a clear voice,

said “Cheers bro”.

God, she was beautiful…

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