“Big City Nights”

“They also serve who only stand and wait”

— John Milton


What was strange

soon becomes familiar.

Stations with visions of love

are now just places that

I’d rather not waste life in,

waiting for the next late bus

delayed by incessant traffic.


I feel fueled by

a need for the new,

a desire to be different,

driven by a hybrid city

with all the neon lights pleading

for attention or just a mention

along Queens Street.


It is a feverish view.

Ours is a feverish age.

The city shifts and moves

sweating as the Earth’s fire

bursts from its cage

to power the neon boards

blinking at the night.


Yet I look at it the same,

a glaze of recognition,

feeling too familiar.

So I stand still

and watch

and wait

for the city to come alive.

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