“Clothes-tag Life Lessons”

I picked a random tag for jeans

and used it as a bookmark.

It was only days later,

the story almost over,

that I noticed what it said:



Due to the delicate nature

of this yarn we ask

that you treat and handle

this item with care.


I started laughing in the bus.

Life is so delicious

when you look a little closer

and notice all the fine print

in the chaos caused by choice.


The tag fits much more

than jeans and books though,

for we are the sum of stories

we tell about ourselves,

presenting the illusion of plot.


It’s why I love to read;

words can bring us

to the delicacies of others

and there is no greater gift

than such a door unto the soul.


Except, perhaps, a pair of jeans –

it all depends on taste.

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