“Apart from its ignorant errors, the greatest folly of racism is to impoverish – by imprisoning in a foolhardy superior cocoon, enforcing famine amidst the riches of a sumptuous feast of otherness, differentness and diversity […] Diversity is about listening. The Constitution ensures that we hear. It is our choice to do so joyfully.” — Justice Edwon Cameron


A poet I respect said

‘white will always be wicked’.

Quiet words screaming

their meaning into muted



The truth is that

I don’t like writing about race;

it sounds misplaced,




Even that single word

wields more weight than

this poem can bear,

so heavy it



I cannot speak for whites.

I do not want to,

preferring to side with

Edwon Cameron’s



Take the stand silently

and nod:

I am privileged,

I may not understand, but

I hear. I see.

3 thoughts on ““Ndiyaxolisa”

  1. You know, Ex President Bush just released his 19 paintings of world leaders. Recently I saw a photo of a Syrian displaced family which called to me to be painted. Sort of makes me think of Bush’s idea of art compared to mine. Poetry can express inequality, prejudices and all the negative things which are perpetrated on all of us. Nice poem, it did the job one me.

    • As always, context is key right? Poetry, well-used, can express whatever we wish it to, so long as the desire is genuine, the emotion sincere. Thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot to me!

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