“Halfway House”

‘… but shalt possess

A paradise within thee, happier far”

— Paradise Lost, XII, 585-6


Sometimes he feels like

the mathematical man,

always walking

halfway home.


It’s kind of exciting,

to walk with

somewhere to go,

knowing that he’ll never

quite get there.


That he will always

be touched by


lacking homogeneity.

It’s only when he finds

infinity within

that he’ll realise how

close he’s been,

all this time.

3 thoughts on ““Halfway House”

  1. I don’t mean to be commenting on every other post of yours, but you make it so hard not to! Just to be clear, you were talking about the halfway point paradox? Covering half the ground covered before…. something like that?
    Again, I love it!!

  2. Haha, it’s so chilled, thanks for getting involved. Exactly right – if you walked halfway home and then another half and so on, you would technically never get there. But, in practice, you would get so close that the distance would be negligible, all you would have to do is take that final step, change your perception, alter your reality (whichever metaphor you prefer), hence arriving at Milton’s paradise within.

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