“South Africa”

So many ask what home is like.

I cannot explain

my country of two worlds,

how it smells on a hot day,

calls to me after the rains,

liberated from drought

yet struggling to grow.


They think it’s all bad

or that I’m just romanticising,

misunderstanding the love

of my blood for the soil,

for people who look nothing like me

and yet feel with me in ways

far beyond words.


Far beyond thought,

caught in spitfire sunsets

between poverty and prosperity

crime and community

hardship and happiness

diversity and disparity

violence and voice.


It is a place worth fighting for

worth crying for

worth spending

lonely nights

pining for.

It is not romantic

but I am in love.


I am in love with what we have done

how much we expect ourselves to do,

how right we’ve got it,

how wrong it still is.

My heart explodes with our

Jock-of-the-bushveld sun,

saluting as Tata sleeps.

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