“The Stuttering Singer of the Soul”

Conversations exist out there

We have to grab the right people,

Risk getting to the right places

And speak a vulnerable word.

‘Sentences explode into to a thousand thoughts:

Writing with the secret to perpetual life.’

Our conversation colludes with Coleridge,

ideas spill over into uncertainty.

Fear not, for they dance in the night air.

It is the explosion of fireworks,

As fluttering sparks fly by

Illuminating the unlit sky.

Was our conversation great literature?

For you and Ulysses have similar effects:

A sense of being slowly drowned

In a waterfall of unending thought.

The bud gently blooming as the moon rises

Over art, personality, responsibility.

Another thousand possibilities

of understanding, knowledge, empathy.

A pity that we have neither world enough nor time.

But, you told me, one conversation can

Affect the rest of someone’s life.

A thousand thoughts untold explode.

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